[RFC] change openmoko-panel-gps to notification only?

Martin fredthecat at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Apr 16 23:25:05 CEST 2008


I assume that this is undoing the work from "Tick" from a month ago.

Personally, my opinion is that some users would "expect" to be able to 
hit the
little notification icons and either get more information or change 
After all, if they've come from the Windows Mobile platform, it is 
similar to
their past platform.

This might be part of the "finger"/"stylus" debate, where some people 
prefer using
a finger, and others, like me, prefer a stylus/cocktail stick/pencil, 
and maybe this is
a means to put the use of a finger and a stylus on a more equal ground.

I seem to remember that there has been some discussion on that too.

I agree that the behavior should be consistent between the notification 
icons, but
there are at least two choices: make them all insensitive; or make them 
all react to input.

Simply because you don't see a need for them, others might, including 
the original
implementor, and myself.

If John is asking for a vote ("if nobody rejects"), then I vote to 
reject, and leave the
partially implemented functionality there, and add functionality for the 
other icons.

If John is asking for permission from the repository gatekeeper, then 
it's not up to me,
and this is simply my voice as part of the community.

best regards to all

Martin 'fredthecat'

John Lee wrote:
> Hi,
> Since now we can turn on/off gps from neod (power button), and it's
> relatively harder to reach the edge of touch screen on neo, I would
> like to propose we remove the popup menu from every icon on panel.
> This will be consistent with the wifi and usb icons.  What left now
> are gsm and bluetooth.
> Here is a patch to openmoko-panel, if nobody rejects I will commit it
> by the end of this week.
> Regards,
> John

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