GPS problems with GTA02

Daniel Willmann daniel at
Thu Apr 17 19:47:19 CEST 2008

(cc'd gta02 internal to raise attention there, please continue on
public ML)


I have recently received my first GTA02v5 prototype #112
( and after
reading rohs problems with GPS I decided to give it a try on my device.
It turns out that the internal antenna doesn't work (again! My GTA02v4
suddenly suffered the same problem a few months ago) and I left the
device sitting at the window for over an hour. It barely got the time
once after quite some time and the SA and SV sentences are empty most
of the time.
With the external antenna my Neo gets a fix in unter a minute so
general RF path seems to be working. I would suspect that the antenna
switch is broken again, but then #112 is clearly marked as "known
broken" device. So what kind of breakage is it that is known? Is it
related to GPS? Everything else I tried, BT, GSM, Wifi works well.
The only problem is that GPS was one of the things I actually
needed. :-(

Daniel Willmann
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