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> - It would be nice to have the option to not have a 'heartbeat' blinker. A
> few
> of my friends have phones that do that, and I find it really annoying.

I actually like it, but do see it as a knob that should have the option to
be turned off.

>  - About the "increased blinking" as the charge level of the battery
> increases,
> I wonder if this means increasing *frequency*, or increasing blink
> *duration*?
> Personally, I think I would prefer the latter. Quickly blinking lights
> might
> be stressful.

I'm not sure how doable it is, but rather then blinking, perhaps it could
slowly fade up and down, akin to how some of the Mac stuff does, like iMacs
and Macbooks, to let you know they are powered up but LCD is off?

I know technically it's possible, but I'm not sure if the electronics/kernel
bits support steps or just a simple on/off. An answer on this would
facilitate more discussion.

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