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I'm happy to announce the final Google Summer of Code slot allocation
for Openmoko. 10 projects will be funded this year which is quite an
improvement over the 3 we had in 2007. Lets make it rock. :-)

So here are the projects that we will take on during this years Summer
of Code:

OpenMoko Mail
Student: Vladimir Mihaylov
Mentor: Thomas Wood

Flexible answering machine
Student: Frederik Sdun
Mentor: Thomas Wood

IM/VoIP using telepathy
Student: Deniz Koçak
Mentor: Robert McQueen

Accelerometer Gestures
Student: Paul-Valentin Borza
Mentor: Daniel Willmann

Implementation of a OpenMoko remote controller for GNU/Linux
Student: Valério Domingos Valério
Mentor: Daniel Willmann

speech recognition facility in open moko
Student: Saurabh Gupta
Mentor: Luis G. Lira

A "targeted" SELinux Policy For OpenMoko
Student: Willis Vandevanter
Mentor: Stefan Schmidt

SMS middleware
Student: Patryk Szymczak
Mentor: Michael Lauer

odeviced: Open Device Daemon for FreeRunner/Neo1973 complying with
freesmartphone.org specs
Student: Sudharshan S
Mentor: Michael Lauer

PIM storage for the mobile world
Student: Sören Apel
Mentor: m. dietrich

Please make the students feel welcome in our community and help them
with any questions they have.

If you applied this year but didn't get accepted don't despair. Openmoko
welcomes your contribution, whether made through GSoC or not and
through the "Community member of the month" contest you can even win a
t-shirt. It's all about the t-shirts. :-)
Finally, if there will be a Google Summer of Code next year we will try
to get accepted as mentoring organization again.

All students are free to choose the way they want to handle the
development, if you have no strong preference we would recommend
creating a project at projects.openmoko.org. However, we do require
that every project has a website of some sorts with current status
information (this can be the projects.om.org Site, it could be a
special category in your blog, it might even be a plaintext file edited
in $EDITOR and synced to a webserver). Important is that there's some
place where interested people can go to and get an overview over your
project. General development discussion should take place on a public
mailing list, preferably openmoko-devel at lists.openmoko.org. You can
sign up for mailing lists at http://lists.openmoko.org/
Also the IRC room #openmoko-gsoc on Freenode is available for mentors
and students to discuss their project. This room is of course open to
the general public.

A good place to start looking for documentation is the Openmoko wiki at

An overview page with links to the individual projects pages will be
available at
http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2008#Current_projects once
everything is set up.

Daniel Willmann
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