Resume Fail

Allen Lin allen_lin at
Tue Apr 22 12:25:53 CEST 2008


I connect Neo FreeRunner to Linux host via Debug Board and get some log 
information as attachment. This is the third time I try to resume, and 
last two is working except audio. For the third time, I cannot key in 
anything on Linux host console and there is no response from Neo 
FreeRunner when I press and hold power button.

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pcf50633_irq: entering(irq=53, pcf=c7d36c00): scheduling work
pcf50633_work: INT1=0x80 INT2=0x00 INT3=0x00 INT4=0x00 INT5=0x00
Syncing filesystems ... done.
PM: Preparing system for mem sleep
glamofb_update_lcd_controller spin_lock_irqsave
glamofb_update_lcd_controller spin_unlock_irqrestore
Freezing user space processes ... (elapsed 0.07 seconds) done.
Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... (elapsed 0.00 seconds) done.
PM: Entering mem sleep
Suspending console(s)
saved f4000008 value 61d53f8c
saved f400001c value 0000f9be
saved fb0000c4 value 00000000
saved fb0000c8 value 00000000
saved fb0000d4 value 00001172
saved fb0000d0 value 01551554
saved fb0000d8 value 00001f7e
saved fb000000 value 007e5fff
saved fb000004 value 00010000
saved fb000010 value 00155555
saved fb000014 value 00000080
saved fb000018 value 000007ff
saved fb000020 value 55555155
saved fb000024 value 0000a040
saved fb000028 value 0000ffdf
saved fb000030 value 55555555
saved fb000034 value 00000019
saved fb000038 value 0000ffff
saved fb000040 value aaaaaaaa
saved fb000044 value 0000ffe0
saved fb000048 value 0000f7ff
saved fb000050 value 0000aaaa
saved fb000054 value 00000004
saved fb000058 value 000000f7
saved fb000060 value 01aa5279
saved fb000064 value 00006e36
saved fb000068 value 0000ffff
saved fb000070 value 001aa9aa
saved fb000074 value 000002ec
saved fb000078 value 000006f6
saved fb000084 value 00000000
saved f4100000 value 00ffffff
saved f410000c value 00017fe0
saved f4200000 value 2211d1d0
saved f4200004 value 00000700
saved f4200008 value 00001bc0
saved f420000c value 00000700
saved f4200010 value 00001f4c
saved f4200014 value 00000700
saved f4200018 value 00000700
saved f4100014 value 00000005
saved f4100004 value 0002a010
saved f4100008 value 00058042
saved f4100010 value 00000004
saved f4200024 value 009e03e5
saved f5000000 value 00000003
saved f5000004 value 00000385
saved f5000008 value 00000011
saved f500000c value 00000010
saved f5000028 value 0000001a
saved f5004000 value 00000007
saved f5004004 value 00000385
saved f5004008 value 00000011
saved f500400c value 00000000
saved f5004028 value 00000145
saved f5008000 value 00000003
saved f5008004 value 00000385
saved f5008008 value 00000011
saved f500800c value 00000000
saved f5008028 value 0000001a
Disabling IRQ 16 (pin 160)
Leaving IRQ 17 (pin 161) enabled
Disabling IRQ 18 (pin 162)
Disabling IRQ 19 (pin 163)
Leaving IRQ 48 (pin 164) enabled
Disabling IRQ 49 (pin 165)
Disabling IRQ 50 (pin 166)
Disabling IRQ 51 (pin 167)
Leaving IRQ 53 (pin 193) enabled
Disabling IRQ 56 (pin 196)
sleep: irq wakeup masks: fffffffd,fffffdef
GSTATUS3 0x3036ba70
GSTATUS4 0x00000000�post sleep: IRQs 0x00000028, 0x00000220
IRQ 53 asserted at resume
post sleep, preparing to return
S3C2410 PM Resume (post-restore)

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