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Allen Lin allen_lin at
Tue Apr 22 16:36:04 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Allen Lin wrote:
>> I connect Neo FreeRunner to Linux host via Debug Board and get some log 
>> information as attachment.
> Thanks ! It was woken up by the PMU, probably the ONKEY, and then went
> down hard, without obvious reasons.
> Okay, so I have to find out how to reproduce it. So far, my attempts
> have still been in vain. (After removing the SIM card, the stray GSM
> wakeups disappeared. But regular wakeup works just fine.)
> Can you please still check the battery voltage ? 
I will try it later.
> Also, can you
> please let me know how the system was configured ? (E.g., was USB
> connected, is there a SIM card, ... ?)
I didn't use USB to connect, only serial via debug board. I have tried 
both SIM card inside and not, and got the same results. There is no 
micro SD card inside. I set up Power Management to Dim first, then lock. 
I think that is all.
> Also, the kernel you use for the test is always the latest from
> right ?
I download the latest kernel and rootfs from people internal for 
FreeRunner always.


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