status of GSM firmware

Sean Chiang sean_chiang at
Wed Apr 23 07:52:54 CEST 2008


moko9-beta1 is available now, which is for oscillating re-camping 
problem [#bug 1024].The lib patch is provided from TI, which not yet 
official approved by TI RD. When we confirm the problem be solve and no 
side-effect. An official moko9 will be available. If you have gta device 
on hand and know *how* to upgrade the firmware or *who* could help you 
do that, please take a try, field testing, especially users in *Europe*.

1) The patch include lib and some not so important text file. Hency I could not know what's the root cause for #1024 or workaround from them.I would like to ask TI after the patch approved by TI *or* could really solve our problem, maybe post the partial code on list.

2) There are different GSM firmware version for different hardware version, for example, gta01bv4-moko8, gta02bv5-moko8. Actually, the GSM firmware is completely the same except a few strings. That's because there are hw specific info displayed when we send +CGMM and +CGMR. We had this since gta01 and my concern is "it could be possible that different hw version with the same GSM module will use different gsm firmware"  But now, it seems I think too much and it won't happen. So when official moko9 is available , only one version will be released, that is moko9, not gta01-moko9 or anything else.

3) Because moko9 is still unofficial version, so for all gta series device, moko8 is the best choice.


-Sean Chiang

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