ANN: gsm0710muxd 0.9.1 released

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Mon Apr 28 11:44:54 CEST 2008

Hi Mickey,

> On behalf of the guys, I'm happy to present the second
> release of our GSM 07.10 MUXer. It features a very nice and convenient dbus
> interface and has been tested on the Neo 1973 and the Neo FreeRunner
> prototypes.

what about including the original vala and marshal source files and have
them auto-generated at compile time.

A simple compile test gives me 159 lines of warnings. These should be
fixed first since otherwise you start overlooking real bugs where the
compiler would have warned you.

Also never (I mean never) include C files from another C file. If you
have no idea on how to use autoconf/automake correctly, then ask



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