ANN: gsm0710muxd 0.9.1 released

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Mon Apr 28 13:19:17 CEST 2008

Hi Mickey,

> > this code needs massive cleanup.  It is almost impossible to review this 
> code.
> Agreed. The code layout is a bit on the ugly side. Patches very welcome.

lets start simple. Attached is a patch that cleans up the mess around
autoconf/automake and has at least auto-generation (and cleanup) of the
D-Bus binding files. Also now "make maintainer-clean" works as expected.

It cleans also the mess around the CFLAGS etc. That stuff was quite ugly
and reminded me as copied from some crazy GTK+ template. Non of this
crap is needed since it actually is only a daemon.

After this patch you can remove src/mux.h and m4/ from the subversion
repository since that is no longer needed.



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