Installer & Launcher Team Status update

Tick tick at
Tue Apr 29 06:16:06 CEST 2008

Hi All,
    The following is the status update of Installer and Launcher.

    . Stefan had left Openmoko, and hope he will have more time on 
    . Tick will temporary take over Stefan's stuff.

             Most of the main functions are done, but there still have 
some issues left.
                  .  package status may out of date (Thomas is dealing 
with this issue.)
                  .  No NM yet.  (Matt is looking into the driver to let 
HAL detect out wifi driver),
                        so assassin will suffer very long timeout. 
(waiting for NM)
                  . Next actions:  
                        Theme turning,
                        unexpected condition handling.
               Because of NM 0.7 is not stable yet, and we need a 
network applet asap.
                Tick is going to write a short time solution, using 
wireless tools to connect with wifi
                This applet will be replaced after NM and Enlazar is ready.

             Keyboard is getting better and better, and I think it will 
fit our need eventually
             Suspend/Resume on GTA01 works but GTA02 does not, and that 
mean there are still some low level issue need to be solved.
    Over all the next actions:
       1.  Fix the theme, look and feel.       
       2. Dbus integrations (Need to discuss with Mickey and Zecke)
       3. Software Testing for current status.


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