GSoC08: Last reminder for the tax forms from our side.

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Tue Apr 29 16:08:02 CEST 2008


I just wanted to reminded the students a last time from our side to
submit the needed forms to google. Below is cited what LH wrote about

Hello everyone, 

You can now begin submitting your tax forms and proof of enrollment to 

1) Please send all documents in a *single* fax to us. 
2) Please include a *typed* coversheet including your full name and 
email address so we can ping you if the fax is not legible. 

Proof of Enrollment: 
Please submit one of the following: 
1) a course transcript, unofficial is fine 
2) a course list, printed from your school's website 
3) a letter of acceptance from a college or university 
4) a copy of a current student ID card 
5) a letter from your college/university/school saying you are 

Tax Forms: 

US based students: IRS form W9 - 
Students based outside the US: Foreign Certification Form - 

Please make sure to write very very clearly on your tax form or the 
IRS will be unhappy and we will have to chase you for a new form.  No 

Please fax your forms to: 

Attn: Tiffany Griffith 

If you absolutely, positively, in no way whatsoever can get to a fax 
machine, I'll send instructions to this list on submitting the forms 
by email.  Be kind, and minimize traffic on LH's inbox.  Really. 
There are 1100+ of you this year.  :) 


Have fun. ;)

Stefan Schmidt
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