Qtopia, OpenMoko and X11

Sander van Grieken sander at 3v8.net
Wed Feb 20 09:07:22 CET 2008

On Tuesday 19 February 2008 21:48:09 Holger Freyther wrote:
> Hello humans and other intelligent species,
> Who am I:
> 	My name is Holger 'zecke' Freyther and I'm writing Software.
> Why am I talking:
> 	I have recently joined OpenMoko and this is my short self-introduction.
> What am I doing:
> 	I'm going to work on Qtopia, specially Qtopia on X11 for OpenMoko.
> Why Qtopia:
> 	We like diversity (the Open in OpenMoko is not only good for marketing,
> like some other big internet companies believe) by adding Qtopia we can
> attract more and different developers. My other take on this is there are
> certain things in the Qtopia suite that are working really well and there
> is no reason to reinvent the wheel (think of a gsmd replacement...).

Great! The C++ programming model suits me better than C. Also, Qt is great 

> Why X11:
> 	First of all there is nothing wrong with QtopiaCore (I still prefer the
> old name Qt/E) in contrast I believe it is performing better than kdrive
> and with Qt 4.4 it will be even faster.
> Why X11 if nothing is wrong with QtopiaCore:
> 	Using QtopiaCore means it is more difficult to use other toolkits. While
> you probably could port Gtk+ (think of Gtk+ for directFB)  you don't want
> to port all of them (evas/ETK/EWL, FLTK, wxWidgets, Java/AWT/SWING,
> tcl/tk,motif). The common denominator is the X11 protocol and with Xglamo
> the performance should be quite nice anyway.

I think it's great to open the door to Java, it will lower the barrier for a 
lot of software already written for other platforms. Also E is great for 
those shock-n-awe appies.

Do I understand correctly that this makes it possible to use OpenGL (once 
Xglamo supports it) or is DirectFB just as capable of doing OpenGL?

> When:
> 	Now, I don't know the deadline but it is probably soon, am I late already?
> Who:
> 	Graeme and me will mostly look into it.

Will you be working on this 'best effort' or will you be sponsored by either 
OpenMoko or Trolltech?

> How:
> 	We will compile QQtopia not against Qtopiacore but Qt/X11. And luckily
> some people at Trolltech did most of the heacy lifting. We have to
> understand where they stopped doing it, what issues they faced and how to
> resolve them.
> Are we there yet:
> 	Don't be fooled by images but check this movie [2]. Again most of this is
> 	working out of the box because Trolltech did prepare this, the patches we
> 	have created so far are minor. Check the README.x11 in the source tree to
> 	get it compiled and understand what is not working.
> Questions? Patches? Comments? More stuff next week
> 	z.

Once I'll get my GTA02 I'll get more involved.


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