boot time reduction - early PIN request

Florian Boor florian.boor at
Wed Feb 20 11:17:14 CET 2008


> On topic though, making it mandatory to ask for PIN before launching the UI 
> introduces a number of problems, e.g. how about Flight mode, or PDA mode?

do not make it more complicated than it is :-) You can always read the
configuration and choose not to turn on GSM at all if the device had GSM
disabled before it was turned off. I suppose that would be a valid solution.
It might be an improvement to ask the user about wether to stay offline or turn
on GSM if it was turned off when the device was shut down. (That's what S60
phones do.)

It might be interesting to try to start the X server without the whole GUI very
early. That might save us from messing around with the framebuffer.



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