Xglamo X server progress report

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Thu Feb 21 01:32:29 CET 2008

Dodji Seketeli ha scritto:

> So in short, just compiling a new gta02 image should get you a working
> RandR powered X server on the gta02 device.
> To test it, you can connect to the device and do things like:
> * xrandr --output default --rotate left <-- rotate the screen to
> landscape
> * xrandr --output default --rotate normal <-- rotate back to normal.
> * xrandr --output default --mode 240x320 <-- switch to qvga
> * xrandr --output default --mode 480x640 <-- switch to vga.
> So now, when the accelerometer driver is ready someone should add hack
> the neod deamon to detect when the device is flipped and use the
> libxrander library to instruct the Xglamo server to rotate the screen
> accordingly :-)

Cool... I've tried to get this using qemu, but it didn't work, but maybe 
it's due to the emulator itself, btw any news about the accelerometers 
The iPhone-style rotation would be really cool and also useful (maybe it 
could allow to use WITH FINGERS a qwerty keyboard instead of the 
standard-phone-copy that is available now!).
I trust in this development...!

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