SPI device driver question

Jerry Shao jerrylshao at yahoo.com
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Should I have to rebuild kernel when a new spi slave device is added? 

Is any non-static way (no need to rebuild kernel) to register spi slave device in driver level?  That case I don't have to rebuild kernel, but using driver modules to fill necessary devive info and register driver.

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On 25/02/2008, Jerry Shao <jerrylshao at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am working on FIC phone (gta01) to add a new spi device. The problem is
> that  the probe function is not invoked when spi_register_driver is called.
> Can anyone provide information how to make probe function to be called?
> Looks to me that we have to add the device info (such as name, irq...) in
> spi_board_info in mach-gta01.c Can anyone confirm is it right way?

Yes, exactly. As with platform_devices, the .name field needs to match
that of the driver.  Note that the probe function is not invoked
immediately when spi_register_driver is called.  It will be called
later in the boot sequence.

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