gta02a5 prototype #30 brief review

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Wed Feb 27 13:08:28 CET 2008

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 06:12:58 Andy Green wrote:
> > * BT and GPS power nodes are only in a very deeply embedded i2c subdir,
> > whereas the other device nodes are in /sys/devices/.
> We can symlink them if you think it is good.

Yes, that makes it a bit more consistent, so please do that.

> > * after enabling the BT power node, no bluetooth model is found on USB.
> You must additionally echo "0" > bah-de-blah/reset for detection

Excellent. That does it. I can scan and inquire fine here.

> > * Wifi module works ok, but has some quirks. First, reception was not
> > that good, second, there are some driver problems with the wireless
> > extensions not being fully supported. you can't set the channel in ad-hoc
> > mode, link quality has bogus values (x/y, x >= y), when you scan and
> > there is nothing found, iwlist eth0 scan hangs with:
> >     eth0      Failed to read scan data : Resource temporarily unavailable
> > kernel says:
> >   AR6000 scan complete: 0
> >   ar6000_ioctl_giwscan(): data length 0
> >   [repeated 20 times]
> You must have the "89" firmware on your module for good operation.

Which I have.

> > * NOT tested yet:
> >  * accellerometer
> >  * suspend/resume from various sources
> >  * RTC
> Testing RTC will be valuable because I never looked at it and the time
> is often inconsistent.

Ok, I will do some tests today/tomorrow. Is suspend/resume expected to work 

> > Further questions:
> >
> > * What's the plan regarding support for non-coloumb-counter batteries?
> > apm did not show any sane values. Interestingly after some time, I got a
> > BATTFULL message from PCF -- is this correct?
> They should work for charging but we don't ship with them so no
> telemetry.  The telemetry from the smart batteries is pretty good.

I see. However we should support at least the same level of telemetry with the 
dumb batteries that we had in GTA01.

> BATTFULL is fine it is an event from the standalone charger state
> machine that it sees it should stop charging because the battery is
> acting done.  It keeps topping the thing up at (long) intervals and will
> repeat it ongoing, but it is accurate.

Excellent, we could not sense that in GTA01.

> > 
> > * battemp and friends do not contain information yet.
> Raster was in here yesterday asking about that, he is on it.

Ok, cool. Going standard power class is definitely a good way. I want to see 
the embedded apm emulation dying a rapid death.



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