I can't success "openmoko-devel-image" command.

JinKyoungKwon rcnzzang at websync.co.kr
Thu Feb 28 09:32:01 CET 2008

Hi all :-)

I want adding browser on qemu.

So I find a way on web-site. 

( <http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Minimo>


Today I commaned "make update-makefile && make setup update

But I can't success "openmoko-devel-image" command.

Why not ?

Plz teach me.


And 1 week ago, openmoko-devel-image was fail. some error messeges.

I guessed that I changed local.conf file because I wanted using minimo.

Exactly, I don't know.


Is anybody using minimo on qemu ?


Plz. help me.

Thank & regards.

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