[PATCH] Ethernet NIC for qemu-neo1973

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 22:30:03 CET 2008


On 27/02/2008, Salil Bijur <salilbijur at gmail.com> wrote:
>  For development purposes on QEMU, it could be more efficient to mount
>  the filesystem over NFS instead of flashing it every time. The NFS
>  mount can be done if there is an emulated ethernet device in QEMU even
>  if the actual GTA01 does not have an ethernet NIC.

Very true.

>  Attached is a patch which maps the smc91c111 ethernet NIC at address
>  0x5c000000 and initialises it.
>  Also attached is the patch for the kernel where the ethernet is

There is already a plan to emulate a fake GTA02 machine (fake meaning
that not all hardware is like on the GTA02 but the functionality is
the same) similarly to what your patch does with the GTA01. This
approach is afaik called paravirtualisation. The way I chose to
implement this is by adding a separate machine name (called gta02f) in
the emulator. We could similarly have a "gta01f" which enables the
smc91c111 as in your patch. The same approach is already used in
upstream qemu for the pseudo-mips machine (which is supported by
mainline kernel).

One additional trick I used for gta02f is a new hardware register that
identifies the machine type. When the register is not present the
kernel will use the u-boot provided machine type. This way the same
modified kernel can boot on virtual gta01, gta02, gta02f as well as
physical gta01 and gta02.

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