Phonebook on SIM card

Bobby Martin bobbymartin2 at
Fri Feb 29 06:55:58 CET 2008

Agh, now you tell me :-)

I just finished the first version of mine.  It is intended to be a
simple importer, one way, from the SIM card to the address book.
Really, it seemed that it would be a faster way to get my 60+ address
entries into my neo than typing them in by hand, and that's the niche
it's written for.

I wrote it in python - it just builds a command list that it passes in
to libgsmd-tool -m atcmd, then it parses the results to get the list
of SIM entries.  It has some minimal smarts to put multiple phone
numbers under one name into one address book entry, then it builds a
vcard and sends it to EDS over dbus.

I spent more time playing with dbus, trying to find the interface to
send contacts to the address book and the format for the function
parameters, than I did writing the program.

This is really just to tide me over, and I thought some other people
could make use of it.  It might end up in pyneo, if those guys are
interested.  But I don't really think it would even be a helpful
reference for people putting real SIM synchronization functionality in

I doubt that my utility will support unicode at all :-(  It really
just depends on python's unicode support, address book's unicode
support, and libgsmd-tool properly formatting unicode output.

I posted my current version of the script on the wiki at , but honestly it
sounds as if what you have is better in every way except that my
script is on the wiki so people can use it now :-)


On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 10:59 PM, Chia-I Wu <olv at> wrote:
> Hi Bobby,
>  (moving the discussion to openmoko-devel)
>  On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 01:15:08PM -0600, Bobby Martin wrote:
>  > I will also soon have an interim solution for importing contacts from
>  > the SIM into the address book for you to put up there, too :-)
>  I spent some time on phonebook importing last weekend (for fun :-).
>  Currently, I am able to read the phonebook entries from the SIM and
>  insert them into EDS.  Unicode entries are also supported, but the
>  support is a little bit ugly.  I plan to work on a cleaner way for
>  unicode support over this weekend.
>  My biggest problem right now is that openmoko-contacts is not aware of
>  the phonebook on SIM card.  This means, deletion or renaming from
>  openmoko-contacts do not propagate back to the SIM.  This can cause
>  confusion to the users.  Do you have any idea how to deal with it?
>  I also noticed this problem from the gsmd side:
>  Phonebook import is a must for me.  It is really great to see you also
>  work on it.
>  --
>  Regards,
>  olv

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