Virtual QWERTY Keyboards to be used with Fingers...

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Fri Feb 29 18:50:14 CET 2008

Thomas Gstädtner ha scritto:
> Without a doubt it's slower then standard-qwerty if you take only the 
> non-capital non-special chars.
> The biggest problem with qwerty is, that you simply don't have the space 
> to make it usable on the neo in non-landscape mode.

Well, a keyboard just for landscape mode would be sufficient imho...

> Apple has a really good and efficient design for their qwerty keyboard 
> on a much bigger screen without a high bezel, and as also Gustavo 
> mentioned it's not really good usable (that's my personal experience, 
> too). Also they use about 50% of the whole screen for the keyboard what 
> (imho) sucks.

Well, it sucks, but not so much... I Feel with it like I feel with the 
A1200 one or the IphoneSMS java app (always for motorola)... Also if 
they're small I've not so big fingers :P (normal size, btw)

> What you're talking about already exists - the qtopia guis have such a 
> predictive qwerty keyboard that works - maybe it's possible for you to 
> give it a try or find a video.

No it isn't the same thing... I meant reducing the size of each 
key-button keeping it proportional to the possibility of being pressed 
to complete a word (ie: It's hard to find a "r" after "hel", but it's 
more probabile that next char will be a "l" for example, so why showing 
"r" and "l" of the same size, on the keyboard?!)
Predictive keyboard acts on words, I'd act on input (keys).
Have I been more clear?

> Imho this is already possible - enter currently needs about 30% of the 
> screen for input, is really fast for 1-finger-touchscreen-input, and it 
> has 144 possible keys.

Of course I'll valutate your solution as soon as I'll have a freerunner 
in my hands :P...


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