Running gllin natively on EABI

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at
Sun Jan 27 21:31:11 CET 2008

Hi there,
  I made a dynamic linker with the ability to perform basic abi
translation so that gllin runs without a second rootfs for the chroot,
which I didn't like to have on my neo. The project is called The
schwartz. I'm posting this a bit late because I didn't have time to
finish it earlier.

It's mostly a matter of space saving.
 - no chroot,
 - no OABI support in the kernel needed.
 - no root privileges required.

The linker binary is called ld4 and it normally is a separate file, so
you need two files: ld4 and gllin. We can link the two programs into a
single executable using ld, and if we used zlib we could probably get
the whole thing to under 0.5MB, but it won't be redistributable

Instructions for running gllin here:

Generally about Schwartz:


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