userspace memory

Schmidt András asch at
Thu Jan 31 11:32:07 CET 2008


Jan Lübbe wrote:
> Take a look at [1]. Is is a patch for a new infrastructure in the kernel
> for notifying user processes that free memory is getting low.
> It might be merged in 2.6.25 or we could apply it to the OpenMoko kernel
> if necessary until it is merged.
> [1]
I like the concept :-). Actually I am developing in Java (this is the 
project's page: so it will not be 
easy to interface with the kernel. I will have to write a JNI wrapper 
library at least. It would be too early now, but later I will consider 
to use this technology. The knowledge will be handy in other projects as 
well :-).

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> so thats what is paged in and needed in ram
> other than buffers/cache. the rest is available (so lets say 90-95m) is what
> you'd get.
The system that was dumped by Werner Almesberger uses a bit more memory 
(ceratinly we don't know what application he was using :-)).

I could summarize that planning with use of 40-60M of memory seems not 
to be too optimistic.

Thanks for all replies!

Schmidt András

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