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Tue Jul 8 19:45:33 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Otherwise sounds fine to make it a module.  You can't use NFS rootfs on
|> it AFAIK due to needing association sorted out first, that was the only
|> reason I could think to keep it in monolithic kernel for normal use.
| imho everything we can make a module - should be. sd card drivers, all fs
| handling other than jffs2, sysfs and procfs, wifi, etc. etc.
| yes - you can't  boot the sd kernel off sd card then with rootfs
there, but
| root on sd is not something our production systems need. we can change the
| packaging to build 2 kernels, 1 modular, 1 monolithic for kernel devs to
| quickly test things with.

That doesn't make any sense, SD card boot is really valuable and even
appears in the U-Boot menu, what's the point of breaking it?  SD Card
boot is very nice for customers and definitely not some weird low level

For example, customers can choose to give community builds a test run
like that without nuking the NAND with it.  Of course it should not be
broken in normal builds.

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