Boot Time - Start up Xserver first

Fred Chien fred at
Tue Jul 8 22:55:23 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I have some testing for boot time. The test is that starting up xserver
as first as possible. I think it is also a good feeling for end-user.
But I got a unexpected boot time 2:47. It is better than original 2:53,
it seems good for boot time. I guess the reason that xserver is not busy
sharing CPU and IO with other process under heavy load. (see the

At /etc/rc5.d:
mv S99xserver-nodm S21xserver-nodm
mv S10dropbear S98dropbear
mv S10alsa-state S98alsa-state
mv S20apmd S60apmd
mv S21avahi-daemon S22avahi-daemon

The move will start up dbus, hald and syslogd first, and then start up
xserver. You can see the xinit be started earlier than original. 

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