basic support for neo1973

Pavel Machek pavel at
Fri Apr 6 21:23:34 CEST 2007


> > This adds very basic support for fic1973 (aka gta01, aka
> > openmoko). With this patch applied, I can boot the kernel and actually
> > see the messages.
> please coordinate with Ben Dooks.  He's the 24xx maintainer and has
> already picked up a number of our changes for mainline merging in the
> next merge window.

I'm sorry, I screwed up timing. I was having mailserver problems (and
did not know about them), so I asked "is it okay to merge" waited day
or so (seeing no reply, because my question did not leave my mail
server :-() and then went ahead. Sorry for confusion.
(cesky, pictures)

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