Merging openmoko changes upstream

Pavel Machek pavel at
Mon Apr 9 14:32:28 CEST 2007


> > Openmoko patch series has some "easy to merge" patches to it. Would it
> > be okay if I just took them, cleaned them up a little bit, and send
> > upstream? That way, we can make the diff between upstream and openmoko
> > smaller...
> Mh, Ben Dooks was working on integrating of those patches to some
> degree, so we should coordinate on this.


> > Prime candidate would be gta01-backlight patch. #ifdef killing is easy
> > enough to do, and should allow upstream merge. When all the
> > gta01-... are merged, gta01-core can be sent to rmk...
> First of all, Ben is still waiting for a reply from rmk on whether GTA01
> can be renamed to 'neo1973'.  This rename would affect all patches, so
> this needs to be first.

Hmm, I think it is entirely upon us how we want our machine to be
named. Actually I'd preger 'neo' -- we don't really want all those
numbers and neo1974 is a bit unlikely, right?

> Secondly, the gta01bl should be generalized in a s3c2410bl, which
> receives a platform_data structure on which timer to use.  This way it
> can be used by all s3c2410 boards that use the internal PWM unit to
> control a backlight.

Aha, ok.
(cesky, pictures)

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