GTA02 Sound driver V2

Jelan Jelan_hsu at
Wed Nov 7 14:05:47 CET 2007

GTA02 ,03 have a serious problem will cause device to crash.
That is whem the Amp was turned on and GSM module was going to link with 
Unless you shutdown the Amp by s3c2410_gpio_setpin(GTA02_GPIO_AMP_SHUT,1).
Fortunately we still can hear sound from Headphone for testing.

This problem will be solved at V4 by 

The attached file is new gsmd for GTA02. You can load latest rootfs and 
and replace the old gsmd by new one. Then gsmd/dialer will work.


Graeme Gregory wrote:
> Find attached a full patch for GTA02 sound.
> In discussion with Liam about scenarios I felt that hardcoding in the
> driver for GTA02 was the wrong thing to do. It left us with no
> flexibility. So now all DAPM inputs and outputs can be controlled in
> the mixer they are given the names "DAPM *" mute turns that output
> off from the codec, unmute turns it on. (this isnt a real on off, just
> used by the codec power management for routing).
> The Amp On/Off and Spk/Headphone switch is also in the mixer.
> On suspend/resume the Amp should be turned off/on and on properly.
> This will of course require new state files, but as GSM seems to be
> non-functional on this GTA02 its hard for me to test them.
> Also when I play music at loud volume through the amp it invariably
> end with GTA02 crashing (locks up and lcd turns off) after a random
> amount of time.
> Thanks
> Graeme
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