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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> If we want our phone has suspended mode, we must think about what
> peripheral device we need.
> Therefore, I list three power modes and show these peripheral devices’s
> status.
> This attached is just my first outlook and maybe has some faults.
> Can we talk about some questions in this mail loop?
> Do we need other power mode? Do any peripheral devices lack?
> After the discussion, we will do a complete form for these peripheral
> devices in some power mode.

Hi Allen -

This is a very good initiative you started.

Some comments:

 - Some submodules have an internal state that determines their power
consumption while "on", ie, while we give them power.  It is true for
WLAN and I guess it is true for GSM and Bluetooth.  So "ON" doesn't
capture the situation in there because they can choose to run their
radios or not for example and that will be dozens of mA difference.

 - Particularly Sameo was asking what he should do with Suspend on WLAN.
 I said that 99% of the time users do not want wake from WLAN, they want
long suspend battery life.  But sometimes, if users want to wake on an
incoming VoIP call for example, they do need it and that should be an
application or user setting.

 - "Normal Mode" has everything "ON".  But in truth usually the user
does not want to use every IO method at the same time.  Maybe he didn't
have any Bluetooth peripheral or he does not like to run a GPS device.
So we should ultimately allow the user to select to not start support
for the devices we have power control for (it should be done as whether
the usermode /etc/init.d script is started or stopped).  If he suddenly
wants GPS because he is lost, well he can enable it.  The rest of the
time he gets better battery life.

- -Andy
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