PMU I2C 47K Pullups not great

Tue Feb 5 04:45:05 CET 2008

Hi Andy:

I think it's OK. Next production, we will change the pull high resistor to 10K.
For EXTON1-3 issue, I must explain this again.
In GTA02v5, I add these pull high resistors (100K) for these EXTON1-3.
For EXTON, I found the PMU something has rising and falling edge detected on EXTON1-3. I tell the matt to mask these interrupt form EXTON1-3.
For some GTA phone , the phone will auto power-on because of the error detecting.
Therefore, I want to change these pull resistor to 0 ohm and reduce some noise on these pins.
I think is OK. Because these pin just input pins, they don't comsume any current.

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