GTA02 Power Glitch Reason Found

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Tue Feb 5 11:39:27 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Well soon there will be plenty of A5s so the old GTA02 will be
>> deprecated.
> Hmm, they might be handy to have around in case an A5 blows up, and
> mail is slow.

Well if you are brave and have some solder braid around, there are a few
places around the PMU package where two pins together have that net.
This is always a nice advantage since you can deliberately blob solder
between the two pins that are already shorted together and place the leg
of the component between them too.

>> But it is a whole new ballgame
> BallGAme ? ;-) Luckily the PMU isn't one of them ...

Right, I was able to get a probe in there.

>> It was a problem since GTA02 A1 where we changed to the PCF50633... it
>> can explain a long list of unstable PMU behaviour
> Oh yes. We also have "high speaker volume freezes the phone".

LOL... hopefully not any more.

>> The rework is probably going to make a headache
> If there's a little bit of space, it may be pretty easy to do this in
> the SMT process, by shifting components a little so that they can
> share pads. Surprisingly, this sort of hack is actually supposed to
> yield perfectly good connections.

Sure -- but care is needed below (for other components) and above (for
the can), some insulating tape will probably do it.

> By the way, do you have a picture of your rework ? My GTA02v5 might
> arrive today, and a bit of soldering may be the perfect welcome :-)

Here we go.  The right-hand (+ -- don't be confused by the big black
line!) pin of the cap is going to the left-hand pad of the first
resistor in the column there.  The big ugly solder blob on the left is
0V from that other cap.  I think this guy is 10uF, I noticed one of the
later datasheets for the PMU proposes 22uF FWIW.

With this -- random standby problems plaguing me for days are all gone.

- -Andy

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