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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> 	Well, now I got 3 A5 units in hand. They are prototype #21, #15 and #9
>> respectively. Both of #21 and #15 have 5~6mA when system is in suspend.
>> It seems that we have at least two golden samples. :) About #9, probably
>> there are some components broken. And its suspended current is about
>> 14~15mA. 
>> 	The good news is the issue of "ONKEY interrupt is trapped in PMU" only
>> occurs on #9. The ONKEY interrupt of the rest two units behave very

Check the signal quality of SCL / SDA to the PMU on unit #9.  We can
easily make this "always low IRQ#" situation if communication to the PMU
is broken, since we fail to clear the interrupt by reading the wrong
register, failing to make a read action at all, etc.

Seems a good idea to rework unit #9 about the VB_SYS capacitor as well.

>> well. This probably explains why its suspended current so high. I think
>> we are quite close to confirm the suspended current. Oh~yeah ;-)
>> 	The next step is to make sure the GSM would be functional after
>> resuming. If this could work, I'll send this patch to trunk. 

Sounds like its coming together.

I would also love to hear about Glamo power in suspend again to see if
there is an easy additional win there... esp if we drive high into LCM
at all...

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