GTA02 Power Glitch Reason Found

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Feb 5 14:01:54 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Well if you are brave and have some solder braid around, there are a few
> places around the PMU package where two pins together have that net.

Yeah, SYS1/SYS2 look quite inviting :)

> Sure -- but care is needed below (for other components) and above (for
> the can), some insulating tape will probably do it.

I was actually thinking of rearranging the placement of chips on the
PCB. I don't think the factory likes going into the third dimension
for SMT :-) But I can see on your picture that it's a bit more
complicated. Time to get the Gerbers ...

> Here we go.

Thanks ! I have a bunch of ceramic 10uF in a 0603 package. They should
fit nicely.

> With this -- random standby problems plaguing me for days are all gone.

Kewl. This is a great day.

- Werne

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