GTA02 Power Glitch Reason Found

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Feb 10 05:42:12 CET 2008

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) wrote:
> Attachment is another re-work way suggested by hardware people. Seems we 
> don't have sacrifice anything.

So that pad we're crossing is the MCU side of R1545, NC between GPJ9
and PMU.SHUTDOWN, correct ?

By the way, for pre-v5 boards, there's an easily accessible VB_SYS
on the "west" side of L1704, the 2u2 inductor in the middle of a
group of three, "south" of the PMU. Needs a few mm of wire to reach
any place where one can put a capacitor, though. (The GND sides of
the small pair next to the MCU are good to reach.)

- Werner

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