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Wed Feb 13 10:15:36 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>>> Now Matt are looking into the GSM suspend(sleep) current too high issue,
>>> this might be firmware configuration or we do something on the Samsung
>>> CTS/RTS behavior side.
>> Ah this is the first I heard of this as an issue on its own.  What is
>> the measured current for GSM module powered but in sleep right now that
>> we looked at and said: "too high"?
>> - -Andy
> When GSM on with sleep mode (or power saving but still connect to GSM
> network), the GSM module will _flicking_ the power from 1-2mA to couple

This 1-2mA figure must be bogus and caused by low bandwidth in the
ammeter.  1-2mA is not enough to either make problems for the LED
regulator nor to actually run the radio in the GSM stuff.

> uA, could observed on power supply's LCD panel. If not in power saving
> mode, it will takes about 20mA at idle. But yesterday's suspend

Well that much is probably no worse than other phones since it runs the
receiver in there.

> experiment result was GSM module still takes 40-50 mA, that is way to
> high. It might because some configuration issue or unknown new moko6 GSM
> firmware issue.

Wah it takes double in suspend than from active.  It's calling some bad
sex phone line when it thinks we don't know!

- -Andy
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