Suspended mode

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Feb 13 11:03:37 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> What the hell, 500uA is for the WEAK!  Our phone should CHARGE the
> battery just by being connected!

Hmm, we could add a long antenna and tap AM radio ;-)
> No seriously those 100Ks add up at that level, if there are 10 100K
> pullups over the whole device being faced with a signal driven low,

Yeah, we should perhaps try to get more accurate leakage currents
from Samsung. These 10uA worst-case seem preposterous, and designing
for that case costs us.

> We'll be doing great if we can get
> near 1-2mA Vb (GSM off) without reassessing the hardware.

Yeah, I think 20 days of "cold" standby would be pretty good already.
It's quite amazing how far we've come already. A few weeks ago, I
would have said that we'd be happy if it survives the night :-)

- Werner

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