R70/R71 on debug v3 board ?

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 13 12:15:35 CET 2008

Harald Welte wrote:
> Werner, I think the idea was to control the nNOR_WP via some GPIO bits
> of the FTDI 2232 chip, i.e. have it under host software control.

Hmm, so this was never fully implemented then :-(

We'd have plenty of spare GPIOs for sure.

Anyway, without a v4 spin of the board, just putting some resistor
on R71 is the best we can do.

Just in case we decide to do a v4 spin, now or later, do you know of
any other unresolved issues ?

By the way, what's that "antenna" on J4 good for ? I vaguely remember
that someone once mentioned that it was used for testing of material
or the production process. So I suppose it doesn't serve any real
purpose anymore ?

- Werner

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