[PATCH Try#2] introduce-bq27000-battery-driver.patch

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 13 22:39:40 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Well there was no dependency until you introduced
> it now because you knew better just by glancing at the Kconfig.

I actually started looking for anything amiss only when I got a
build failure because the BQ27000 dependency wasn't there ;-)

Agreed that the HDQ driver can be more general than just something
related to power supplies. So why is it under power supply then ?

> (and get *everyone's* contributions posted to this list before they go
> in svn

Wrong direction. We have to make the path to the repository shorter,
not longer. As long as checkins don't break the build, violate
coding style all over the place, or do other hugely insane things,
we can always discuss and correct problems later.

So why don't you check your work directly into SVN ? Then I wouldn't
have to waste time playing patch monkey, and you wouldn't get your
code messed with on the way.

- Werner

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