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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> I found that GSM Modem's current is unstable. Sometime it only is 5-8
> mA current in sleep mode. But 16-18mA current often appears. I try to

Can we say this means "sometimes the GSM modem stays awake"?  Maybe you
can sniff it in the frequency domain to watch the kind of frequency
fingerprint you see from its activities.

> set S3C2442's pins which connect to GSM to input function The current
> is the same. I think the GPIO setting isn't a problem. The total

Do we take care about the state of the GSM modem with regards to UART
traffic (ie, +++AT commands) as well as GPIO during these tests?

> current is GSM modem + 3~4mA Therefore, I sometime found the total is
> 9mA with GSM. But the normal suspend current is 20mA. I think we need
> someone to check GSM modem's consumption.

Hm we were down to 2mA the other day without GSM, what has happened?  Is
it just these tests do not have those changes yet?

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