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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> Understood. I didn't mean that it is incapable of doing so, just that it
> might be unwise for us to do so, due to our inability of reading the
> temperature.

Sorta -->

> Right. My question is for batteries that do not have the coulomb
> counter. Can we safely charge them not knowing the temperature?

Werner's right about BAT_ID coming to the PMU ADC, but only if R1769 is
fitted, which is marked "NC" right now on A5.

In short it looks like a lot of pieces are in place to do dumb battery
temp sensing on GTA02 A5 at the PMU but we need to confirm it if we
wanted it.

We also need to make sure that the inference that broken HDQ comms ==
dumb battery with thermistor is a safe one for all cases, because we
would need to use that to determine if we tell the PMU to kill charging
based on thermistor ADC reading.  Then we're into putting HDQ in U-Boot.

Therefore if we want to target dumb batteries additionally we have some
more work to take care of.

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