Driver status in "Boot from SD"

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Hi Miles -

> 1. Boot form SD : sometimes makes "make panic"  in first time.

I think we need to show this panic, I think we find it comes from
SDIO/WLAN stack not "Boot from [Glamo] SD".  Therefore it would mean we
have a regression in behaviour on the new WLAN firmware and the current
drivers (or it is another broken git tree effect, we will find out today).

> 2. Bluetooth : Fail

This will be fixed as soon as I can build a tree again :-/

> 6. Wifi : Fail

I would expect this is to do with the panic you mention.

> 8. HDQ : OK
> P.S. But I need the diagnosis standard from HW to determine Pass or Fail.

We need to test communication, so we know if the middle pin is broken or
bent.  Any result from the /sys dir, say, "present" returns 1 is okay.
I guess we can also look at the number (in uV) returned by "voltage_now"
in the /sys dir and confirm it is >3V say?  If that is a valid
assumption at build time.

> 9. Motion Sensor : one is OK, the other is Fail.
> P.S. But the mode needs to check diagnosis standard. So we must discuss
> with HW how to test in factory.

Oooh which one fails, how does it fail?

> 11. Suspend : not yet

It doesn't work anywhere right now it is worked on.

> 12. Audio : Fail - no sound card

This is interesting one I hope we get some more feedback from Willie.

> 13. GPS :  Fail

I will take Willie's power patch today when I can build again and this
may change it.

- -Andy
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