sound state files for DM2

Willie willie_chen at
Mon Feb 25 15:24:40 CET 2008

Hi Miles,

'madplay' needs four files in /dev/*. The steps are as following.

#mknod dsp c 14 3
#chown root:audio dsp
#mknod adsp c 14 12
#chown root:audio adsp
#mknod audio c 14 4
#chown root:audio audio
#mknod mixer c 14 0
#chown root:audio mixer

Then we can use madplay to play mp3 files. But now it can't
generate any sound from buildhost's sound state files.
Today L.Sean told me the same case here. The stereoout.state
can't work now, so we can't play any mp3 files . It can make
GSM phone call sound, because gsmhandset.state can work.
It's very strange that we don't change stereout.state file.


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