GPIO0 trough 2 shorted to ground

Tue Feb 26 04:19:29 CET 2008

Hi Werner:

> > A fix we might be able to do is change the NPNs into N-Channel MOSFET in
> > same package.
> Otherwise, we may use transistors with built-in resistors, of which
> we already have a few in our designs. That would also spare us the
> re-layout.
Q1501 isn't usual package. I can't found any N-Channel MOSFET in the same package. I must change the PCB layout. In market, two N-channel MOSTFET is too big to put in our PCB space. I suggest that we use the transistor with resistor.
How about emh4?
It has a resister (10K) on base pin. 

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