Day 1 (morning)- Test DM1.5

Willie Chen willie_chen at
Fri Feb 29 04:12:55 CET 2008

Dear all,

I tried to run DM1.5.

Test items:
* LCM          ---- OK
* Backlight  ---- OK

* Get Mac address
    WiFi -- Fail
    GSM -- Fail

Miles, Can you check this? I already can use WiFi and GSM modules.

* Bluetooth ---- Fail

Miles, Can you check your source code?
#echo 1 > /sys/xxxxxx
We need the space between 1 and >. Then add one command ,after
power on bluetooth module.
#hciconfig hci0 up

* PMU ----- Fail
    two test items
    ** battery  -- Fail
    ** Suspend -- Fail

Miles, I don't see battery value on DM2. And you need to add
the test item that displayed backup battery voltage.

* Audio ---- Fail
We need two other state files.
    ** play mp3 to Receiver(output)
    ** play mp3 to Speaker(output)
    ** Mic(input) to Earphone(output)
    ** EarphoneMic(input) to Speaker(output)
We still need more two config state files for item 3 and 4.

* Key -- Fail
    ** 911 key and power key
Displaying information isn't very clear for operator.
They don't know pass or fail.

* Vibrator -- Fail

* RTC --
Miles, in DM2 we just only read rtc value? or you
write RTC and read RTC value. How to decide this
item is pass or fail.


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