kernel configs for getting system wake up from GSM modem

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Fri Feb 29 10:42:59 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Hi Werner,
> After Allen's rework, GSM modem can get into deep sleep. But the
> incoming GSM call could not wake GTA02 up. Interestingly, when I set the
> kernel config on DEBUG_S3C_UART as 2 (the original one is 0) to dump
> some debug message at the last monent, the waking up from GSM call can
> work. Now, the suspending GSM issue looks good. We have suspending
> current of 4~5mA for GSM modem and 7~8mA for system respectively. Most
> important, incoming call can wake GTA02 up.  
> So, the kernel config of DEBUG_S3C_UART should be set as 2 instead of 0.
> This would affect GSM module behavior when it's in suspend. When GTA02
> is in suspend, if you set this config as 0, the GSM modem could not
> issue interrupt to S3C2442 even GSM modem itself is woked up already.

If I understood it, this is best dealt with by removing


from the stock config.

- -Andy

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