CONFIG_S3C2410_PM_CHECK mem error?

Tim Niemeyer tim.niemeyer at
Fri Feb 29 19:06:41 CET 2008


If i enable CONFIG_S3C2410_PM_CHECK and resume from suspend,
i get a error message in dmesg:
<7>restore f5004000 (restore 00000007, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5004004 (restore 00000385, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5004008 (restore 00000011, was 00000000)
<7>restore f500400c (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5004028 (restore 000001b0, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5008000 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5008004 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5008008 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
<7>restore f500800c (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
<7>restore f5008028 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
<3>s3c24xx-pm: Restore CRC error at 30380000 (fea3e4ff vs 70b06b8c)
<7>restore f4000008 (restore 71c63fcd, was ffffffff)
<7>restore f400001c (restore 000001ff, was 000007ff)
<7>platform s3c24xx-spi-gpio.1: EARLY resume

I tried many times, and i got always this Restore CRC error at 30380000.
Values changed over time but ever at 30380000.

What does this tells me? Is my memory broken?

Tim Niemeyer
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