Proposal for further openmoko kernel development

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at
Mon Aug 3 14:11:56 CEST 2009


I've started to play around a bit with topgit and created three branches 
in the kernel repo (om-2.6.31-rc5, gta02-2.6.31-rc5, glamo-2.6.31-rc5). 
So if you want to try it out yourself feel free to commit some changes 
to those or add more driver specific trees.

So far I'm not really convinced that topgit is really needed. All it 
does, as far as I can see, is auto merging of depended branches with `tg 
update`. But the only branches which do have a decency on other branches 
are machine branches and the combined branch. And I guess we can handle 
those without topgit.
Despite that topgit has caused me quite some pain and I would have been 
a lot faster using only plain git to archive my goals. That's probably 
just because I know git better then topgit, but topgit has some extra 
steps involved which I feel are not needed for what I'm trying to do. 
Furthermore fork-bombing just because I entered a wrong command is not 
speaking for a tool either.

So for those branches I intend to maintain (glamo and jbt6k74) I won't 
use topgit. But ofc ourse others are free to use topgit for their branches.

- Lars

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