ar6000 and other SDIO/SDCard Wireless

Robert Emanuele rob at
Tue Aug 18 00:50:40 CEST 2009


I've been toying with your port of the ar6000 driver with my atmel
at91 processor.

It tries to initialize the card but fails....

BMI Get Target Info: Exit (ver: 0x1302270f type: 0x1)
Block Size Set: 128 (target address:0x8000066C)
ar6000_init() Got WMI @ 0xc3a37d60.
 Timeout waiting for recv message
 Target Not Available!!
ar6000_avail: register_netdev failed
ar6000_cleanup(): WMI not ready 0xc3a322c0 0xc3a37d60
ar6000_cleanup(): Shut down WMI
eth0: link up (100/Full)
 Attempting to reset target on instance destroy....

In an earlier post I saw that this firmware version may be too old.
I've tried cards from 3 different vendors and the newest version I can
come up with is 0x17 (which is on the way).  Does anyone know the
differences between 1.3 and the version that works with this driver?
How do the CE guys get this to work?  Or, does anyone know of a vendor
that sells an ar6000 with the latest firmware in an SD Card package?



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