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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi all,
| I'm working on Android Openmoko device in my spare time and I would like
| to know if there is
| a todo list that includes open issue with priority etc.

Until today nobody I know except Sean McNeil is running Android in
Openmoko AFAIK.  So we have not being trying to do QA on it.

I can tell you a list of generic open or claimed kernel issues for
andy-tracking, but it is currently relatively small issue that I doubt
connects directly to details of problems with Android experience.

What is needed is for Android users to generate reports of problems they
think are kernel-related, here or on our Trac, same as you did recently
for WLAN, and we will try to look into them in a distro-agnostic way.

There's willingness here to work on improving Android experience but to
do that we need to be fed the problems.  It's the same story for any of
the distros, we can't run them all so we rely on the users to let us
know if we have broken something.

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