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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Igor Cota wrote:
|> You can check out this thread at the koolu forums;
|> (requires
|> registration), or the roadmap at
| The roadmap and the todolist are not very complete.
| Look at my freerunner I see:
| - Display instability (maybe the bug is related to power.c android

This is the "flickering"?  It is cased by stuff going on framebuffer
console: Sean McNeil just deconfigured it in kernel config but we need a
smarter solution.

| - GSM not work

I doubt it is a kernel issue.

| - power off does't work

Power off broken was told before Christmas, but when I tested it here
reboot command worked fine.  Is it shutdown -h that is broken?  Is it
broken for everyone Android or not?

| - bluetooth

What about bluetooth, everything about bluetooth?  Power management?
Are we using the new /sys paths?

| - menu key ( I use the koolu patch for now)

Menu key is waiting on a /sys around it to defeat it for non-Android
use.  If nobody wants to do that I'll do it.

| - suspend problem

What happens?

Feel free to put each of these in Trac instead of here, I will see them

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