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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> I can tell you a list of generic open or claimed kernel issues for
|> andy-tracking, but it is currently relatively small issue that I doubt
|> connects directly to details of problems with Android experience.
| I think that android is a good platform to test the kernel.

Sure, it's as good as any of the others.

| has kernel problem with suspend-to-ram? Sometimes my device does't
wake up.

It's meant to be fixed, but if you experience trouble then maybe we
learn we didn't solve everything.

Do you have a debug board?  Is there specific way to provoke it?  Does
it happen with no SIM card in the device?

|> What is needed is for Android users to generate reports of problems they
|> think are kernel-related, here or on our Trac, same as you did recently
|> for WLAN, and we will try to look into them in a distro-agnostic way.
| I use android as a test platform.

Great, let us know about your problems that seem to be on kernel side.

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